Contena: is it worth your money?

And is it a scam? Contena review from a paying member, not an affiliate

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Contena’s contention

Contena: is it worth your money?

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“I’ve been receiving funnel driving emails from them for ages.. promising ‘open spots soon!’ but no mention of pricing, even when directly asking them.” -Comment on a lackluster Contena review, link removed

What’s not included here?

Remote work

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1. Membership Options

Membership at a glance

“Since they had a summer sale for $79 (for 6 months) I figured I’d give it a try. Regretted it pretty much right away. It’s not a scam perhaps, but boy does it feel like it.”

Contena customer comment, Jul 2018

Once you sign up, can you cancel your membership?

Help on Contena’s refund policy, from my paid member account
Nov ’19 note: part of an email I received from someone claiming to be a Contena member. To respect her privacy, I didn’t publish her name.

2. Contena Scout

What is it?

Does Contena Scout deliver opportunities?

Advertised: Over 16,000 opportunities!

Actual experience: A measly 16 jobs in 7 days

Screenshot of Contena Scout for a non-member, Feb 2018
Same screen shot for paid member, Feb 2018

What if you find the job board to be less than stellar?

“I joined for the jobs. I went big and paid almost $1000…Many of the jobs are expired.”

Contena customer comment, Jan 2018

“I feel seriously scammed.”

Contena customer comment, Feb 2018

Is the job board user-friendly?

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Alternative job hunting sites (all free)

Search results from LinkedIn U.S.A. (2,183 jobs) and Contena (16 jobs) on 2 April 2018.

3. Contena Academy

What is it?

After surveying our members we realized that most were either totally or relatively new to freelance writing. This is why we have such a big emphasis on Contena Academy.

— Kevin Fleming, Contena CEO

Contena Academy, at a glance

Contena Academy

Does Contena Academy encourage self-discovery?

Will Contena Academy make you a better writer?

“I already knew how to write before coming to Contena. What I didn’t know how to do was market myself effectively.

— Tim, Contena Wall of Wins (part of the Contena website)

Contena Academy and self-publishing

Will Contena Academy help you land a Freelance Writing job?

“I was a member of Contena and never landed one job from the site”

Contena customer comment, April 2018

One lackluster Contena review I found online also mentioned not finding work through Contena. The page has since been removed.

I reached out to the writer who’s review disappeared…she said she had been threatened with legal action if she didn’t take it down, even though it was an honest review.

Alternatives: learning and publishing

4. Contena Coach

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What is it?

Coaching experience, at a glance

“The feedback I got was not at all constructive and very thin.”

Contena customer comment, Feb 2018

Does your coach keep you accountable?

Does your coach provide useful feedback?

I asked my coach for advice. Could she recommend a few search techniques, or suggest any sites?

Her advice was “I don’t know. See what you can find”.

Does your coach know where to publish?

It’s tempting to think that you can guarantee success by shelling out $500 bucks. I’m just not seeing what they offer that other sites don’t for free

Does your coach understand publishing platforms?

“Contena Coaches don’t give you sound advice and only say their opinions”

Contena Review, 2019

Alternative Coaching Sources (far cheaper, just as useful)

Contena and your network

“I didn’t have access to other members, the companies were not super recognizable except that a few of them were also posted on other (free) job boards.

— Less than glowing ‘limited access’ member review. Disappeared March 2018

Do I like the alternatives because they’re free?

The verdict

Overall, I find this service to be a waste of money and scammy…I had a feeling that this was a case of “too good to be true” before joining… I should have listened to my gut!

— Contena Review, 2018

Accusations from Contena

“We all don’t like negative reviews but Kevin seems to threaten anyone that writes a negative review (even if it’s an honest review) with legal action.”

Contena Review, Aug 2019

Another negative Contena review, removed after the writer was threatened with legal action.

*Amendment: Affiliate reviews

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If a review has lots of links to one website, or offers a discount code, it’s likely they’re an affiliate partner to that website.

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