How to kill, read and think

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Polar bears. Majestic. Adorable. Almost extinct. Give them a hand (image credit).

The point, says Basho, is a sense of Aware. I read and write and mix stories like paint, hoping to one day decipher the picture they create.

Haibun. “Prosimetric literary form”. Exploring meanings within meanings. Following links “Prosimetrum”. Mixing natural speech with poetic composition. Metric and fluid.

Haibun writers are clover roots. Hungry tips dappled in the land they are wide reaching, easily transplanted.

I think about moments in time. About stories, and being transplanted. “I’m sorry.” The thought plays over and over again. “You told your story. I didn’t listen.” The sound of being out of time sneaks up.

Suddenly outside,

Shocked spider running back to

warmth, froze in the grass

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Loves making the world a better place and snacks.

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